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Since 1997, our company has consistently ranked among the one hundred best companies in the Czech Republic and continues to develop its business activities to the benefit of not only its partners, but also of the regions in which it operates.

One of the prominent Czech entrepreneurs established the company in 1990. To ensure transparency, he named the company after himself. Aside from the power industry and real estate, he also sells personal protective equipment, consumer electronics, licensed products of paper and gift goods, operates several logistics sites, or even his own company operating in air transport. His name is also associated with sports - for example, the hockey club HC Energie Karlovy Vary belongs to him, as does the racetrack “Hipodrom Holoubek” in Karlovy Vary. Among other activities, he also supports the Buggyra Motor Club, and contributes considerable amounts to charity and cultural events.

Wholesale and Logistics
Real Estate
Personal Protective Equipment
Power Industry
Disposal of Environmental Burdens
Import and Export
Organizational and Commercial Consulting
Air Transport
- Karel Holoubek
“I like it when what is said goes. And when it is accompanied by a handshake, then whatever is agreed upon should go forever.“
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