The company develops innovative work and leisure wear and shoes, pushing the limits of work equipment with its emphasis on quality, comfort, and design. The objective of ARDON SAFETY is to become a symbol of prestige and the natural first choice of the consumer.

The company’s mission is to provide quality, comfortable, and attractive work wear and shoes. Furthermore, to develop such products that will not limit the wearer in their activities in any way, but on the contrary, will increase their productivity and creativity while simultaneously effectively protecting their health. Only thus will the goods fulfil the primary purpose for which they were produced. Ardon Safety has been analysing risks at the workplace for many years, evaluating what people from various sectors of industry and services must face - the company helps to identify concrete safety risks in the manufacturing process and suggests optimum solutions.

- Karel Holoubek
“The Ardon Safety company is a highly promising company, one of the largest in the segment of personal protective equipment sales. I sense an enormous potential for growth here, and this is the reason for its expansion and moving to the new warehouse of a size of 26 thousand square metres.”